7.2 Arduino IDE Integration (simavr)

For integrated use with the Arduino IDE, simply configure the serial port as explained in the Chapter Serial Communication and load the Arduino bootloader. The bootloader can be loaded from the “Tools->Arduino bootloader” menu.

In Windows, considering com0com making a NULL-MODEM connection between COM1 and COM2, simply connect the PICSimLab on the COM1 port (defined in configuration window) and the Arduino IDE on the COM2 port or vice versa.

On Linux the operation is the same, but using for example the ports /dev/tnt2 and /dev/tnt3.

In Linux for the virtual ports to be detected in Arduino it is necessary to replace the library lib/liblistSerialsj.so of the Arduino with a version which support the detection of tty0tty ports, that can be downloaded in the link listSerialC with tty0tty support.