Chapter 4

PICSimLab currently supports five backend simulators. The stable version supports picsim and simavr. The experimental version supports uCsim, gpsim and qemu-stm32 in addition to the stable ones.

The Figure below shows which cards are based on which backend simulator:


Figure 4.1: Boards backend simulators

The below table show the supported debug interface of each simulator:

Backend Debug Support
picsim see the section MPLABX Integrated Debug
simavr see the sections MPLABX Integrated Debug and remote avr-gdb Debug
qemu-stm32 see the section remote arm-gdb Debug
uCsim see the section uCsim remote console (telnet) Debug
gpsim none yet
 4.1 Breadboard
 4.2 McLab1
 4.3 K16F
 4.4 McLab2
 4.5 PICGenios
 4.6 PQDB
 4.7 Arduino Uno
 4.8 Franzininho DIY
 4.9 uCboard