Chapter 6
Serial Communication

To use the simulator serial port emulation, you must install a NULL-MODEM emulator:

For communication the PICSimLab should be connected in one port of the NULL-MODEM emulator and the other application connected in the other port. Configuration examples linking PICSimLab to Cutecom for serial communication:

OS PicsimLab portCutecom portNULL-Modem prog. Connection
Windows com1 com2 com0com com1<=>com2
Linux /dev/tnt2 /dev/tnt3 tty0tty /dev/tnt2<=>/dev/tnt3

The PICSimLab serial communication uses the 8N1 format.

 6.1 Com0com Installation and Configuration(Windows)
 6.2 tty0tty Installation and Configuration (Linux)