Appendix B
Use with MPLABX

Use with MPLABX to program and Debug

 B.1 Installing the Necessary Tools
  B.1.1 Install MPLABX IDE and XC8 Compiler
  B.1.2 Install PICsimLab
  B.1.3 How to Install PICSimLab MPLABX Debugger plugin
 B.2 Configuring a New Project in MPLABX
  B.2.1 Project Creation
  B.2.2 File Creation
  B.2.3 PIC Configuration Bits
  B.2.4 Code Example
  B.2.5 Building the Project
 B.3 Program and Debug PICsimLab With MPLABX
  B.3.1 Starting PICsimLab
  B.3.2 Programming PICsimLab
  B.3.3 Pausing the Program
  B.3.4 Restarting the Program
  B.3.5 Running Step by Step
  B.3.6 Stopping Debugger
  B.3.7 Disconnect Debugger
 B.4 This Tutorial in Video