ESP32 ADC with Arduino IDE

Measuring voltage example

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BMP280 Pressure sensor

  This is a library for the BMP280 humidity, temperature & pressure sensor
  Designed specifically to work with the Adafruit BMP280 Breakout
  ----> http://www.adafruit.com/products/2651
  These sensors use I2C or SPI to communicate, 2 or 4 pins are required
  to interface.
  Adafruit invests time and resources providing this open source code,
  please support Adafruit andopen-source hardware by purchasing products
  from Adafruit!
  Written by Limor Fried & Kevin Townsend for Adafruit Industries.
  BSD license, all text above must be included in any redistribution


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Espressif ESP-NOW Example

   This example shows how to use ESPNOW.
   Prepare two device, one for sending ESPNOW data and another for receiving
   ESPNOW data.

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Espressif ESP32 Blink Example

/* Blink Example
   This example code is in the Public Domain (or CC0 licensed, at your option.)
   Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, this
   software is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR
   CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.

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ESP32 Micropython

Original Link: https://micropython.org/
Before use this example it is necessary to configure a serial port emulator as described in the documentation.

You can load the test code below using a serial terminal or an editor like Thonny or Mu.
import machine
import time
led = machine.Pin(2, machine.Pin.OUT)
while True:

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NTP client with PCD8544 LCD

   PCD8544 Library Modified for Esp32 Nokia 5110 LCD Interfacing.
   Sample code for Displaying time and Date from NTP servers.
Original code

Source code

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Blink LED no ESP32 com o RTOS NuttX

Exemplo simples de como piscar um LED utilizando o RTOS Nuttx no ESP32 escrito por Sara Monteiro.

Antes de utilizar esse exemplo é necessário configurar um emulador de porta serial como descrito na documentação.
Conecte um terminal serial, acesse o NSH (NuttShell) e digite o comando "leds" para iniciar.
Artigo Original no site Embarcados

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WiFi Web Server LED Blink

 A simple web server that lets you blink an LED via the web.
 This sketch will print the IP address of your WiFi Shield (once connected)
 to the Serial monitor. From there, you can open that address in a web browser
 to turn on and off the LED on pin 5.

 If the IP address of your shield is yourAddress:
 http://yourAddress/H turns the LED on
 http://yourAddress/L turns it off

 This example is written for a network using WPA encryption. For
 WEP or WPA, change the Wifi.begin() call accordingly.

 * WiFi shield attached
 * LED attached to pin 5

 created for arduino 25 Nov 2012
 by Tom Igoe

ported for sparkfun esp32 
31.01.2017 by Jan Hendrik Berlin

On PICSimLab qemu-esp32 simulator the Web server address is mapped in http://localhost:16555
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ESP32 SPI Master

Learn how to use the ESP32 SPI peripheral with the ESP-IDF in 
this article. SPI instances and the APIs needed to interact 
with them will be covered. You will create a project that 
uses SPI to operate a MAX7219 module with an 8×8 LED matrix.

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Library TFT_eSPI - UTFT Demo 320x240

  Demo based on:
  UTFT_Demo_320x240 by Henning Karlsen
  web: http://www.henningkarlsen.com/electronics

Source code

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Blink LED no ESP32 e Zephyr RTOS

Exemplo simples de como piscar um LED utilizando o RTOS Zephyr no ESP32 escrito por Glauber Ferreira.

Artigo Original no site Embarcados

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