6.2.1 avr-gdb Debug

With debug support enabled you can use avr-gdb to debug the code used in the simulator. Use the configuration window to choose between MDB (MPLABX) or GDB to debug AVR microcontrollers.

Use avr-gdb with the .elf file as the parameter:

 avr-gdb compiled_file.elf

and the command below to connect (1234 is the default port):

 target remote localhost:1234

Graphic debug mode can be made using eclipse IDE with Sloeber Arduino plugin.

It is also possible to debug using platformIO in VSCode, just add the configuration lines below in the project’s platformio.ini file:

build_type = debug
upload_port = COM7
;upload_port = /dev/tnt3
debug_tool = custom
debug_port = localhost:1234
debug_build_flags = -O2 -g
debug_init_break = tbreak setup
debug_init_cmds =
  define pio_reset_halt_target
  define pio_reset_run_target
  target extended-remote $DEBUG_PORT